Arts For India

Arts for India are a charity registered lathe United Kingdom (UK registration number: 1137824). It has been established with a number of specific aims to support underprivileged young artists in India. The charity has also been launched in Switzerland and USA.

The charity is given educational support by the University of Arts London. the Royal Drawing School. London and the Zurich University of the Arts. Zurich.Artsfor India is also developing a collaboration with the Columbia University School of the Arts. Columbia University will be sending faculty to the International Institute of Fine Ans. India. to leach television and screen writing.

Arts for India has two main objectives:

To educate needy and deserving students from seine of India's poorest families, enabling them to make their contribution to the world of an. fashion. film and design. To promote Indian an and cut lure across the world.

Arts for India runs a 4 -year Scholarship Programmed, where the donor/sponsor gets the opportunity to sponsor one needy student artist through his/her 4 -year degree programmed at the International Institute of Fine Arts (111/A). India( Each student costs USD 5.560 to support for the full 4 -year programmed. The sponsor is kept inconstant touch with the 'adopted student, with REA sending regular updates on the student's progress. At the end of the four years. the student presents four of higher works to the sponsor as a token of appreciation and gratitude. 100 needy students will benefit from this programmed every year.

Fund raising events

To achieve the objectives of Arts for India. the charity organizes periodic fundraisers in various venues around the world. Arts for India's annual Indixia events are aimed at promoting Indian and culture, as well as raising awareness and Rinds for the charity.

Art for India is committed to making it possible for deserving artists to achieve their potential with serious, first rate tuition and mentoring. We want to play our pan in equipping I ridia*s deserving artists of the nature.

The International Institute trine Arts (IIFA). one of India's premier institutes. is located in Motlinagar in the National Capital Region of Delhi IIFA was established in July 2000 by Satish and Abha Modi. Their vision was to promote art and culture and provide quality educational In conformity with global standards. They envisioned IIFA to be a platform that would encourage yours artists to create and show case their creations.

All their efforts have led to the fostering of a vibrant atmosphere at IIFA. and today IIPA has over 400 students studying degree courses in Fashion Design. Textile Design. Painting and Applied Art. In addition, the college also offers diplomas in Photography and an advanced diploma in Computer Graphics and 3D Animation. The new Film and Television Institute. being launched soon, has further widened the creative canvas of IIFA.

IIFA is partnered with two UK -based institutions — the Royal Drawing School and the University of the Arts London. Both organizations are global leaders in their field and regularly send teachers and students on teaching assignments to IIFA every year.

IIFA also has a MoU with the largest arts university in Switzerland. the Zurich University of the Arts (ZIMK). The present Animation Department at IIFA is being expanded into the Institute of New Media Design, in association with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZIRIK). Switzerland. This will be a land mark institute offering arrange of disciplines in New Media Design IIFA is also developing a collaboration with the Columbia University School of the Arts. Columbia University will be sending faculty to the International Institute of Fine Arts. India. to teach television and screen writing.

One of IIFA's aims has been to draw international audience to recognize Indian artists and consider the fine nuances of Indian an. IIFA has organized several Art exhibitions at various venues around the globe, including the Tato Britain. London: Chelsea College of Art and Design. London: Chapel Gallery. Singapore. the House of Lords. London and the New York Academy of Art. New York. On the invitation by the United Nations. IIFA held an exhibition of contemporary Indian Art at UNESCO's Global Forum on the "Power of peace" at Bali. Indonesia in January 2007. IIFA was also invited by the governments of Japan and India to organize contemporary Indian Art celebrating the 60th anniversary, of the Indo-Japan Friendship Year in 2007.